About Us

Exceptional Doctor Support, Compassionate Patient Care

As a leading Dental Service Organization in the United States, our company supports 43 unique family, pediatric and orthodontic practices.

We Have What Makes You Smile

Our Mission

At Pure Dental Brands, our mission is to empower dentists and their teams to provide the best patient care through a partnership that allows them to do what they love without the distractions of running a successful practice.

Community and Culture

On any given day, the Pure Dental Brands Experience is delivered by upwards of 500 people — Doctors, Patient Support Representatives, Office Staff and Leadership Team Members in 44 unique practices. Together, we strive for the positive growth of our community and our culture.

True Partnership

We provide the support you need as a dental office and a partner you can count on. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the partnership we create is specific to each individual office. Pure Dental Brands embraces the culture of the office and provides a level of support that allows each office to focus on their patients.

We Serve You

To our patients, we're a network of Family, Pediatric and Orthodontic dental offices and a trusted healthcare provider. Our network of dentists are committed to giving adults and children healthy smiles.

Compliance with OSHA

Pure Dental is proud to partner with OSHA in our efforts to keep our workplace safe and healthy. We pride ourselves on following all safety regulations for the dental industry!



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